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Oh Hello...fancy seeing you here!!!

Are you done with putting off the important stuff in life and busines because somehow you never get around to it?

Plus, it's kind of only you responsible for sorting this 💩 out, so who cares if you put it off another week hey?

Being an adult managing all of the things can be super tough, many of us feel alone in our quest for happiness and success, in life AND especially in business....but we don't need to do it on our own...not really.

I'm Julie and I'm on a mission to help a million ordinary people to do the extraordinary things in their lives that they are a little but scared to do...I am the founder of a movement called The Year to Change, and I am also known as The Solopreneurs Champion, having worked with thousands of solopreneurs to help them create more income, more impact and more influence.

So come and get involved, take action, because Day 1 of your BIG change project starts today...well it does if you decide that it does.

Love Always, Julie xxx

PS...Not sure where to start or what to focus on when it comes to the change you want to make?

❤️ For Life Stuff try my 365 Health, Wealth & Happiness MOT QUIZ

⭐️ For Business Stuff try my What Kind of Business Are You REALLY Running Audit

Available Products

The Solopreneur Dashboard™️ 2024

Running a Solopreneur Business isn't for the faint-hearted. Managing your time, energy, emotions and focus is a full-time job, and thats before we start talking lead flow and client conversions.

We might not have a team of people to do all of the things that need doing, but we can at least have a strategy for managing all of the moving parts and making the shift from Chief Grafting Officer to Empowered CEO...with the ultimate business growth tool?

This tool will change the game in your Solopreneur business if you let it.

Click 'Learn More' to unlock your business's potential."

The Solopreneur Roadmap

Introducing The Solopreneur Roadmap™️: The business growth membership that helps you navigate your solopreneurship journey with precision.

You don't need to go it alone anymore, instead, use a tried and tested process for onward progress and success. With weekly sessions, and resources to help you create your own personalized Roadmap, plus The Solopreneur Dashboard™️ to keep you on track, AND a thriving community of peers that helps you propel your solo venture forward.

Join today!!!!

Business Model on a Page

How would it feel to have your complete business model and route-to-market plan laid out on one page? An infographic-style image, in your own branding, with your own products and services laid out so that you never lose sight of what it is you are trying to build in your business?

Get READY for clarity, confidence, and the clients that come with that, as you finally pin down your Business Model on a Page so that you can crack on and actually grow a sustainable, successful business that helps you stay sane and solvent as a Solopreneur. 

Whats the BIG idea summer experiment

I had a bit of a crazy idea...

What if rather than trying to find 1 BIG idea to answer all the problems in my life and business and of course to "Change the WORLD", I decided instead to make an ongoing commitment to truly getting curious and creating the most productive environment for a million different world-changing ideas to come into existence? 

And this summer I am kicking this commitment off with an invitation for risk-taking creative (or non creative) folks to come with me on that journey.

Are you feeling curious?

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