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Nail Your Niche, Make More Money

Unlock your full business potential with 'Nail Your Niche, Make More Money' – a transformative, free business program designed for ambitious entrepreneurs led by The Solopreneurs Champion, Julie

More than 1000 small business owners have taken part in this programme with Julie over the last 5 years and is often stated in feedback as being the starting point for future business success. 

Discover proven strategies to understand your target audience, refine your product or service, and create a compelling brand identity.

This program offers practical tools and insights to enhance your market presence, attract the right customers, and boost your revenue. Join us to gain exclusive access to expert advice, interactive workshops, and a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Start your journey to financial success and market mastery today – for free!"

And who is Julie Creffield?

Julie Creffield is The Solopreneurs Champion, she is a business legacy strategist and serial entrepreneur who has supported thousands of Solopreneurs across more than 2 decades to create more impact, income, and influence from their ventures.

Author of 14 books, the latest one How NOT to be Broke, Julie comes from a working class background and has bootstrapped each of her ventures while raising her almost 11 year old daughter by herself. She encourages people to use the assets they already have as leverage to get more of what they want. 

She is a no no-nonsense, down to earth activator and creative genius, and if she can’t help you redesign your business for maximum growth and leave you totally enthused by the plan nobody can.

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