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The Solopreneur Roadmap

Embark on your Journey to Success with The Solopreneur Roadmap™️

The Solopreneur Roadmap™️ is a business membership with a difference, I like to call it a programme-ship designed to take you from the chaos of solo entrepreneurship to the clarity of a streamlined CEO...but with a bit of Julie Creffield creativity, innovation and marketing magic to keep you inspired and motivated along the way.

Your Transformation Journey:

Phase 1 - The Assessment Phase (First 10 Days):** Begin with a deep dive into your business. Using The Solopreneur Competency Compass Tool, we’ll assess your current operations, identify areas for improvement, and set the stage for a tailored growth strategy....you will also meet your Fellow Roadmapies (ok totally just made that up)


Phase 2 - The Planning & Development Phase (Up to 12 weeks): Armed with insights from Phase 1, you'll engage with The Solopreneur Roadmap—a robust planning tool that helps you articulate and set achievable 90-day, 12-month, and 3-year goals, with support from The Solopreneur Dashboard Tool. Our weekly strategy sessions will provide the guidance and accountability you need to refine your plan covering the 9 core areas of business development.

Phase 3 - The Activation Phase (As soon as you’re ready): With a solid plan in place, you'll shift into action to make progress on the bits of your business strategy and implementation that have been missing. The Solopreneur Dashboard, alongside our supportive community, will be your constant companions as you implement your strategy, with our team providing ongoing support and resources....you do this at your own pace, SPRINT, JOG, or SLOG...and if you ever need to RETREAT, we are here for that too.

The Ultimate Business Activation Programme Includes...

  • The Solopreneur Competency Compass Tool: Chart your course with our comprehensive assessment tool, designed to pinpoint key growth areas and provide actionable insights.
  • The Solopreneur Dashboard™️: Leverage our Trello-based system to transition from Chief Grating Officer to Empowered CEO—organize, prioritize, and streamline your business operations for maximum efficiency.
  • Exclusive Learning Resources: Elevate your expertise with our hand-picked educational materials that cater to the evolving needs of your solo venture
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions: Immerse yourself in our community of growth-focused solopreneurs during weekly strategy calls that inspire, challenge, and propel you toward your goals.
  • Guest Expert Sessions: Need support on business tactics that are not Julie's zone of genius, don't worry we will get in experts to support you....you may even get the chance to share some of your expertise.
  • Peer Support: Find collaborators, cheerleaders, and maybe even clients in our vibrant community

And of course the creation of,

  • Your Unique Solopreneur Roadmap: Your personal navigator for success. This dynamic planning tool empowers you to articulate and achieve your 90-day milestones, 12-month objectives, and 3-year aspirations, ensuring every step you take is intentional.

Join The *Solopreneur Roadmap* today. It's more than a program—it's a year-long commitment to turning your solo venture into a lifestyle business to be proud of. 

17 Modules

You The Successful Solopreneur

In the "You The Successful Solopreneur" module, we focus on the heart of solopreneurship—understanding the essence of your unique business and the pivotal role you play within it. This module is designed to guide you from the hands-on work of a chief grafting officer to the strategic mindset of a chief executive officer. It's about recognizing your unique strengths, leveraging them for your business, and stepping into a leadership role that drives your business forward.

The Solopreneur Dashboard™️

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with the Solopreneur Dashboard

Custom-designed for the ambitious individual, this Trello-based system is your key to transforming from a solo player to a master strategist of your business.


In the Strategy module, solopreneurs will learn how to define clear business goals, identify their target market, and develop a roadmap for success. This module focuses on the importance of strategic planning and decision-making.


This module emphasizes the importance of a positive and resilient mindset for business success as a solo business owner. It includes techniques for overcoming challenges, stress management, and cultivating a growth mindset, specifically for Solopreneurs. 


Participants explore how to develop, refine, and position their products and services in the market. This module covers product innovation, pricing, and value proposition...with a specific focus on choosing the RIGHT products and services to create momentum.


This module focuses on increasing business visibility through branding, online presence, and networking. It offers strategies for building a strong brand identity and enhancing your digital footprint when you are probably doing it ALL yourself.


Solopreneurs will learn about different marketing strategies, digital marketing tools, and how to effectively reach and engage their target audience...not just potential clients, but cheerleaders and collaborators too. 


This module covers important sales techniques needed to build momentum in your Solopreneur business with a focus on converting prospects into loyal customers, and learning what works for your ideal audience. 


Participants explore various business systems and technologies that can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. 


This module highlights the importance of seeking the right kind of support, whether it's hiring staff, outsourcing tasks, or joining entrepreneurial communities.


This module focuses on putting plans into action. It includes goal setting, prioritization, and time management techniques to ensure effective execution. 

Keeping Motivated Enroute to Legacy

Thinking of Joining The Solopreneur Roadmap?

How to Win at the Game of Solopreneurship

Hey there! Ready to kick some serious solopreneurial butt?

Let's dive into "How to Win at the Game of Solopreneurship," a no-fluff, all-action module straight from the Solopreneur Roadmap program. Imagine we're lining up at the start of the most epic race of your life – your business journey. And guess what? I've got the inside track on how to sprint, hurdle, and marathon your way to success.

So, are you in? Let's turn your solopreneurial dream into a record-breaking reality. It's not just about crossing the finish line; it's about owning the race....and not getting injured along the way.

Let's get going, champ!

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