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How to Win at the Game of Solopreneurship

Welcome to "How to Win at the Game of Solopreneurship," an essential foundational module of the Solopreneur Roadmap program, where we unlock the secrets to thriving in the competitive yet rewarding world of solo-led small business.

This metaphor has been helpful for me over the past 30 years as I have navigated the ups and downs of my own Solopreneurship journey, and was very much informed by the 12 years I worked in the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympics, observing thousands of athletes at the top of their game, as well as those that aspired to be like them, and those that were just happy to be competing in their chosen sport.

Just like in athletics, every solopreneur starts at a different level, faces unique challenges, and possesses different strengths. My Champion Model, which is at the heart of my Soloprener's Champion brand is designed to guide you, step by step, through the nine core areas of business to not just participate, but to dominate and achieve your personal and professional goals, whatever they might be.

OK so let's check out the various players in the game...

Starter Athletes: These are the solopreneurs right at the starting blocks, brimming with potential but yet to take their first step. They may not be completely new to their thing, but their venture in new and they are starting from a new starting block. Like an athlete who has trained and is ready to race, you have prepared to launch your business, in the current environment. The key here is to start strong, understand the track (your market), and focus on gaining momentum.

In The Solopreneur Roadmap programme, we give you all the support you need to get started. We'll discuss goal setting, market research, and laying the foundation for a resilient business structure.

Happy to Compete Athletes: Contentment at any stage of the business journey is vital for long-term success. These solopreneurs enjoy the journey, celebrate small wins, and maintain a work-life balance. This is about knowing what you value, being clear on your version of success, and not comparing your journey to other people. When we are always striving for the next milestone we often lose the joy of where we are. 

In The Solopreneur Roadmap programme, we will always encourage you to celebrate your wins, not matter how small, and to find fun and enjoyment in the day-to-day running of your business. This involves always encouraging your passion, managing stress, and leveraging your current position to set the stage for the next leap.

OK so this is where it gets fun....this is where understanding what it takes to operate at a specific income level starts to unfold. There are exceptions to these rules, but business owners who are able to supersede these benchmarks often have a C.E.O advantage

C - Celebrity Status...meaning they can leverage their fame for engagement, sales, and partnerships which the average person usually can't do

E - Existing Audience...there has been a switch from one thing to another, maybe the person has come from a high-profile role, or has an audience from a previous or other business 

O - Organisational Support...they are not working alone, they may look like they are but behind their personal brand is a team giving them additional capacity

But for the average business owner, building things up across the 9 core areas will give you your best chance at hitting the markers of success that are important to you, including your income targets. 

🥉 Bronze Athletes (working towards £50K revenue per year): You're on the podium! This level is about recognizing the achievement of initial income goals and understanding the strategies that got you here. It's a mix of refinement and planning for the next phase.

This is the level that The Solopreneur Roadmap focuses on in the first instant. We'll dive into optimizing your operations, scaling your efforts, and enhancing customer experience to not just stay on the podium but aim higher.

🥈 Silver Athletes (working towards £100K revenue per year): With significant achievements under your belt, it's time to aim for gold. This stage focuses on advanced strategies for growth, including automation, delegation, and niche domination.

For business owners, wanting to get to this level I encourage them to take part in my Business Model on a Page Programme, to help fast track the strategic advantage of getting known for Your One Big Thing. At this level we also discuss the importance of innovation and staying ahead of market trends to ensure your business continues to thrive.

🥇 Gold Athletes (working towards multi-six figures and beyond): Some see this as the pinnacle of solopreneurship success, but this is simply a choice to operate at this level and is NOT for everyone. Here, it's all about leadership, sustainability, legacy, and exploring new opportunities for growth....but even if getting to 6 figures is not your goal, there are most definitely lessons we can garner from these athletes and use them to hit our own goals. 

For business owners interested in leaving a lasting legacy from their venture I use my Legacy LaunchPad programme to help experienced Solopreneurs create and activate their ultimate plan for success.

I also work with a small number of VIP clients on a retainer basis as they scale their ventures.

OK and now for some further reality checks, as there are 2 more characters we need to consider

Injured Athlete: Injury in business doesn't always mean financial loss; it can also mean burnout, loss of direction, or failed ventures. Recovery is crucial.

In The Solopreneur Roadmap we use a range of tools to help prevent this, enabling you to identify the setbacks, learn from them, and implement strategies for making a strong comeback. It's about resilience, reevaluation, and sometimes, rebranding.

Retired Athletes: Retirement doesn't mean the end; it's a new beginning. Whether you decide to sell your business, get a job (temporary or permanent) start a new venture, or simply enjoy the fruits of your labor, this stage is about transition. Planning for retirement, both financially and emotionally, ensuring your business's longevity, and considering your next adventure are crucial discussions here.

The full Champion Model™️, with the key competencies and benchmarking metrics for each of the 9 core areas of business can be found in the Strategy area of The Solopreneur Roadmap programme. It may sound a little complex and a bit of overkill, if you are just starting out, but it is so easy to find yourself building the wrong kind of venture, and focussing on the wrong pieces of the puzzle.

As part of The Solopreneur Roadmap my aim is to help you navigate through these stages, equipping you with the knowledge, strategies, and insights needed to not just compete but win at the game of solopreneurship, whatever level you decide to operate at.

Let's embark on this journey together, from the starting blocks to the gold podium, and beyond.

Lesson Activity

Grab your journal and spend some time reflecting on what...

"Winning at the game of solopreneurship" looks like to you.

Also, find at least one example from the 7 categories of a business owner that you admire.

  1. Starter Athlete
  2. Happy to Compete Athlete
  3. Bronze Athlete
  4. Silver Athlete
  5. Gold Athlete
  6. Injured Athlete
  7. Retired Athlete

What can you learn from their journey, that will support yours?

Are you hanging out with the right types of athletes to support your development process?

3 Lessons

How to Win at the Game of Solopreneurship

Hey there! Ready to kick some serious solopreneurial butt?

Let's dive into "How to Win at the Game of Solopreneurship," a no-fluff, all-action module straight from the Solopreneur Roadmap program. Imagine we're lining up at the start of the most epic race of your life – your business journey. And guess what? I've got the inside track on how to sprint, hurdle, and marathon your way to success.

So, are you in? Let's turn your solopreneurial dream into a record-breaking reality. It's not just about crossing the finish line; it's about owning the race....and not getting injured along the way.

Let's get going, champ!

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