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Get Your Business 💩 Together 121 Session

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

Book a 45 minute 121 with Julie and let her get you set up on the organisational tool that transformed her business in 2020, leading to her best year in business EVER

Let's make the shift from Chief Grafting Officer to Empowered CEO...with the ultimate business growth tool.

Discover streamlined business management and ongoing tools for growth with the Solopreneur Dashboard – your personalized Trello system to simplify, strategize, and succeed.

Having supported thousands of solopreneurs over the years, they always tell me about these things when it comes to having their business 💩 together

  • Overwhelm Overload: Juggling a million things and feeling like you're about to drop all the balls. There's just too much to do and not enough of you to go around.
  • Decision Paralysis: When every little choice feels like a massive fork in the road, it's tough to move forward with confidence....so you do nothing or are always second-guessing and not playing full out.
  • Strategy Scatter: You've got ideas for days but no clear roadmap to bring them to life, leaving you to wonder which path will actually lead to treasure...oh and add to that that all the gurus tell you different things.
  • Priority Puzzle: Figuring out what to tackle first is like a game of business Tetris that's speeding up by the second. Bouncing from priority to priority depending on which one shouts loudest or seems the least tricky.
  • Time Tangle: There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and 'you-time' is a concept that's as foreign as a quiet inbox. Self-care? Self what?
  • Money Mayhem: Managing the moolah, from cash flow to pricing your products right, can feel like trying to nail jelly to the wall. There's no point in setting targets cos you never reach them right?
  • Marketing Muddle: You know you need to market your business, but the how, where, and when are as clear as mud. And so you tell yourself if you can't do it properly whats the point?
  • Connection Conundrum: Building a network feels like shouting into the void, and you're craving genuine connections that lead to growth. You have peeps, but you are forever forgetting they exist, and forgetting to stay in touch.
  • Tech Trepidation: There's a whole world of tools out there, but which ones will make your life easier instead of giving you a headache? And where are the bloody links?
  • Growth Gridlock: You want to scale, but the thought of expanding without imploding is as daunting as scaling a cliff with no ropes. You never manage to think about the BIG picture...because todays headaches seem more pressing.

Never get lost in the "What to do, where to focus, or where the heck did I write that down" challenge of Solopreneurship every again. 

I have been using this tool with my clients for more than 3 years, and am now making it available to EVERYONE. 

Step into the realm of seamless organization and strategic clarity with the Solopreneur Dashboard. Custom-designed for the ambitious individual, this Trello-based system is your key to transforming from a solo player to a master strategist of your business.

What's in Store for You?

  • Personalized Trello System: Tailored to align with your unique business operations.
  • Clear Instructions: Easy-to-follow guidelines to maximize the benefits of your dashboard.
  • Business Diagnostic Tool: To help you work out which area to focus on first
  • Strategic Planning: With our system, you're not just tracking tasks; you're crafting the blueprint of your business's future, one card at a time.
  • Tailor-Made Organization: Dive into a dashboard that's customized for the unique rhythm of your business, helping you keep tabs on every project with ease.
  • Effortless Collaboration: Whether you're flying solo or working with others, the Solopreneur Dashboard keeps everyone in sync and moving forward.
  • Real-Time Insights: Make informed decisions with an overview that's as dynamic as your business, enabling you to pivot and progress with the market.
  • Fully customizable: Use the Canva Templates provided to completely brand it your way so you have real ownership of the system
  • Direct Links: One-click access to all your essential tools and resources.

Join the ranks of solopreneurs who have elevated their business game. With the Solopreneur Dashboard, you're not just managing; you're mastering. It's time to turn your vision into action.

What are people saying about this Tool?

"I could stroke it, it's so lovely"

"OMG I love it"

"This is going to change EVERYTHING"

"It's a thing of beauty"

"I've been meaning to build something like this for ages, now I don't have to"

"My ADHD brain loves this"

"It's great that I can keep adding to it and it gets better and better the more I do that"


6 Modules

From CGO to CEO

Your Journey from Chief Grafting Officer (CGO) to Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Find out how you can use this tool to embrace the much-needed evolution from general dogs body, to an empowered CEO of your Solopreneur Business. It's more than a title change—it's a transformation in how you lead and grow your business. This pivotal module is designed to reframe your approach, enabling you to move away from the daily grind and step into a role where strategy and vision lead the way.

Quick Start Action Guide

Welcome to the 'QuickStart Action Guide,' where simplicity meets efficiency. This module is your fast-pass to mastering the Solopreneur Dashboard, offering a distilled cheat sheet that helps you hit the ground running.

The Solopreneur Dashboard™️

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with the Solopreneur Dashboard

Custom-designed for the ambitious individual, this Trello-based system is your key to transforming from a solo player to a master strategist of your business.

Book Your 121 Implementation/Body Doubling Session

The Habit of Focus

Sharpen your focus, refine your productivity, and achieve more with our 'Habit of Focus' module. In a world brimming with distractions, the ability to concentrate on what truly matters can set you apart.

This module is crafted to help you build and maintain a laser-like focus, transforming your work habits and supercharging your productivity.

Modules for this product 6
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