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Your One Big Thing (BETA)

Welcome to "Your One Big Thing" – The Ultimate Programme for Ambitious Solopreneurs!

🚀 Transform Your Unique Expertise, Personality and Lived Experience into a Thriving Business.

Are you a solopreneur with a burning passion and a unique vision, but not sure how to stand out in the crowded market? "Your One Big Thing" is here to change that. My signature programme is meticulously crafted for individuals like you, who are ready to elevate their business to extraordinary heights.

What The Programme Offers:

  • Personalized Success Strategies: Tailored guidance to leverage your unique skills and make your business irresistible to your ideal clients.
  • Exclusive Access to Expert Insights: Learn from a coach who has more than 25 years of business experience, with curated content, resources and live sessions.
  • A Thriving Group of Visionaries: Join a small network of like-minded solopreneurs, who share experiences, and grow together.

Why Choose 'Your One Big Thing'?

  • Focus on Uniqueness: I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all group coaching methodology. My approach is to highlight and amplify what makes you different.
  • Real Results: My clients don't just witness growth; they experience a complete transformation in their business and mindset.
  • Proper Support: I'm with you at every step, providing the tools, support, and motivation you need to succeed.

And the Curriculum? what does it cover?

Your One Big Thing solves 3 major problems that lots of Solopreneurs face

  • Not having a prominent position in your industry...or wanting to move into a new area of expertise
  • Not having a clear enough business model or one BIG missing piece of your ecosystem (which leads to ineffective lead flow)
  • Being overwhelmed, with a lack of motivation to keep going (because you are not totally turned on and enthused by your business)

It solves these in 3 main ways

  • Helps you nail (create, change or redefine) your niche
  • Helps you build a vibrant community around your concept
  • Helps you shift from Chief Grafting Officer (doing all of the things) to Chief Executive Officer...and founder of a kick-arse business.

Take the Leap:

  • Limited Spots Available: We believe in quality over quantity, ensuring personalized attention for each member....so the BETA round will have just 10 members
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Early sign-ups get access to bonus resources and one-on-one mentorship sessions

Your business isn't just a venture; it's a reflection of your unique vision and hard work. It's time to let the world see what you're truly capable of.

Who even is Julie Creffield???

Hey I’m Julie, I am a business legacy strategist and soloparent to a 10 year old diva

😜I have been a solopreneur for almost 30 years, and spent many of those years training, supporting and coaching other small business owners to reach their potential

🎤 I am a professional keynote speaker and podcast host on the topics of productivity, purpose and profit.

🏆 I am known as The Solopreneurs Champion

📌I have been helping solopreneurs to Nail Their Niche in the online space for 5 years, my Tribe Builder, Audience Builder Bootcamp, One to Many, Go Big or Go Home and of course, Nail Your Niche to Make More Money programmes have seen thousands of solopreneurs go through them. 

⏰Wasting time, and the other resources we have available to us grinds my gears...wasting time on pinning things down is a particular bug bear

Join 'Your One Big Thing' Today and Redefine Success on Your Terms!

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